Why Outsource Lead Generation to 4LC ?

One of the most common questions we come across is ‘why should we outsource lead generation, when we can just do it in-house?’ The answer is simple: when you generate leads as often as we do, it’s safe to say we’re not just good at it, we’re exceptional! Which is why we won’t only save you time, but money also . . .

Reasons to outsource


Nothing to Lose

We’re not oblivious to the stereotypes surrounding lead generation and how sometimes it can result in little or no returns. Whereas we believe nothing could be further from the truth, especially if it is done right in the first place! So we’ve made it our personal mission to challenge these stereotypes by leading by example.

We’re so confident in our abilities that we offer a month long pilot scheme to all new clients. Prior to the pilot starting we will take the time to understand your organisation’s needs. We will work together to help define what qualifies as a lead for you.

Once the parameters of the pilot are set, if we do not hit our targets within the specified time period we will continue calling for free until we do. Otherwise all your money back guaranteed!

So in the unlikely circumstances we don’t deliver you have nothing to lose! However by giving the pilot a try your organisation has everything to gain.

We Speak the Same Language

We have cherry picked each member of our team based on their experience and background in the digital industry. So when it comes to calling potential clients on your behalf they know how to ‘talk the talk’. They are well versed in industry specific terminology, whilst being able to maintain a level of objectivity in order to explain concepts in laymen’s terms as and when needed. We have vast experience in generating leads and opportunities for the following types of companies:

The Bottom Line

There are several benefits of outsourcing your lead generation needs, with cost effectiveness being one of them. Why pay substantial overheads to maintain an in house team (especially during quieter periods) when our flexible Pay As You Go Monthly Contracts allow you to stop and start our service. This way you only pay for lead generation when you need it, rather than carrying the costs throughout the year. Resulting in boosting your sales targets and consequentially having a significant impact on your bottom line!

Not a Digital Company – Not a problem!

Although we specialise in generating leads for the digital industry; it’s not to say our expertise and skills in lead generation aren’t transferable to other industries. We currently have clients in a variety of sectors and we’re happy to discuss your lead generation needs irrespective of whether you’re a digital company or not!

Our Working Process



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